Life: Ins and Outs

Another new weeks means another Ins and Outs post!


Himalayan Salt Lamp – There is just something so calming about salt lamps.  They’re supposed to have healing type properties where it calms/relaxes you, pulls out the humidity in the air which can help with your health, and can aid with headaches.  I get headaches so frequently, that really that is why I turn to salt lamps.  I truly feel that they make a difference, and I know that I feel different when I have one on.

Game of Thrones/Audible – Audible has had my heart this week! I purchased Game of Thrones as the first book I’m listening to in Audible, and let me say… it was difficult for me at first.  When I first started listening to this book (almost 2 years ago… no joke), I found myself disinterested in the concept of listening to a book… and listening to a book like Game of Thrones that shifts from character perspective to character perspective. That said, the past few weeks I have gravitated back towards Audible and have fallen in love with Game of Thrones! I listen to it in my car, on breaks at work… it’s just totally sucked me in.

Timeless, tv show on NBC – I have had this on my watch-list on Hulu since it first came out, and I just never found the time to start it… until this week.  I had a snow day one day this week, so I took the opportunity to start the series, and oh my goodness… it is an amazing show! It was so interesting and so refreshing, I watched the entire first season in two days.  I definitely fell in love with the main character Lucy, she is seriously one of my favorite tv characters of all time.  She is strong, determined, fearless even when she is terrified… I just love her.  I really hope this is a show that is picked up for a second season, which it has yet to be picked up.  If you haven’t watched it… watch it!



Fresh Lip Balms – I want to love these, I want to be able to use them… but I just feel like they dry my lips out.  Not only that, I can’t do the taste/flavor that is put into them.  It breaks my heart to even say all of that because I love the Fresh line, LOVE.  But not the lip balms…

Acne – Yes, I still get acne… no I’m not a teenager, and it just sucks!


Those are my ins and outs, I know the outs is a little lacking but I don’t think thats a bad thing! Until next time.. I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing Sunday!




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